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Artwork Profile

I wanted to be able to share my love of art with my fellow bloggers. As I said earlier, I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.  Six months ago, I couldn’t have created a THING when it came to digital art, and I have come a long way very quickly with my work.  I will be posting examples of my work here, however, if you’re an art lover, and would like to see my progress, especially my transition from traditional pencil & paper art to digital art, please look at my Deviant Art profile:

I look forward to sharing my art with other artists, and those who just love to look at it!

This was my first sketch done in Photoshop, using my first pencil sketch as inspiration!

Anime Girl

For example, this was my first ever sketch done in Photoshop.  I used my first traditional pencil sketch to go by, and was able to create this in photoshop.  I have come a long way since then, like the Christmas tree that I painted completely from scratch.  I posted it earlier, but you can see the difference in skill level just from about October or November.

I may post more art tonight, but definitely will be posting a lot more in the next few days.  Hopefully, you will enjoy it.

Christmas Tree

In case you missed it, here’s the tree again.  If you look at all the detail that I put into this piece, you can see the major improvement from that first sketch. I painted this from scratch, with no stencils or anything.  Just the Photoshop paintbrush! I did use the ellipse tool for the ornaments, but everything else, I did by myself. 🙂  I’m pretty proud of this one, because even the stand for the tree is very detailed.


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