Sanity is relative….

My Yoda~RIP 1-2-14

Yoda was a baby Red Eared Slider turtle that I have had since the end of August, 2012.  He and 5 other turtles were enjoying some playtime in the tub when my min-pin/doxie mix dog somehow got in and threw them all out of the tub.  He had a severe puncture wound to his shell, along with many cracks, and abrasions.  He was bleeding profusely, and I immediately applied pressure to the puncture wound with towels.  I wrapped him in a washcloth and cared for him throughout the night. It was so sad, because he was crying tears, and making little sobbing noises.  He was hurt on New Year’s Eve.  By the next day, he seemed a little better.  I went out and bought supplies to provide care for him.  I bandaged, and sealed the cracks, and casted the puncture as instructed by the turtle expert that I spoke with.  He seemed so much happier after that, and was very active.  Later that night, he started scraping on the side of his tank almost frantically and when I approached the container, he looked at me.  He even followed my finger on the side of the tank, scratching at it with his little foot.  It was like he was begging me to pick him up, so I did. He looked right at me, and opened and closed his mouth repeatedly like he was talking.  I held him until he seemed calm, and returned him to his rocks so that he could remain dry-docked, and hopefully keep from getting an infection.  I couldn’t trust the bandages to be waterproof enough to prevent bacteria from entering his body cavity.  Unfortunately, when I awoke Thursday, he had not moved. His little eyes were still open.  After a lot of checking, and many tears, I had to come to terms with his death.  My poor little Yoda died. 😥  Who would have known that I could be that devastated from the death of this little, tiny turtle that fit in the palm of my hand? 


I wrapped him in paper towels, and made a little coffin for him out of a box.  I taped it shut so that no other animals could get to him, and I am releasing the little coffin into the waterway.  Rest in peace, poor little Yoda.  At least you will not suffer any longer.  😥  Poor baby.


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