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An Apology for a Busy Week

I have not posted in a few days, mainly because I have started a new class this week, and have had to focus my time and energies elsewhere for a bit, just until I am more familiar with how this class will go.  So far, this is one of my more difficult classes, as far as the expectations of my instructor.  He is, however, a friendly, and engaging teacher, and I do enjoy the live sessions of the class.  He seems to be very helpful, so far, despite his higher standards for some of the work that other classes have not given as much weight concerning.  In each class, we have a discussion forum where we are expected to respond to the question given in a main post, as well as to leave comment posts to at least two of our peers each week.  Usually, these questions are fairly short, and require no more than the 150 word minimum that most instructors place.  We have always been told to cite sources, and include references when applicable, but many of the questions don’t require that we find a source.  I usually try to include one, only because I was under the understanding that it was a required part of these discussion posts.  This instructor does require research for the post.  Keep in mind, now, that 150 words, really isn’t that much.  Especially when it comes to a topic that may require research.  In the past, I have been able to include information from one source, along with what I may already know, to create a fairly lengthy post.  This week, I think I searched for sources to answer the question for longer than I took to write the post!  The question wanted explanations, pros and cons, and an opinion for each of three Adobe programs.  Then, we were to choose the one we felt was the best to use for a game development company.

First off, I have no idea how to develop a game, or graphics for one, at this point in my education. I have taken classes on Photoshop, and Illustrator, but this week is the first time I have explored Adobe Flash at all.  Right off the bat, I had no personal opinions as to which program would be best, other than to assume that Flash would probably be the best choice because I did know that you could use it to create animated, or interactive things.  It took hours, and hours of searching to find relative information about these programs.  It wasn’t enough to just know what to say about them, I had to understand why they would, or would not, be a good choice for game development.  SHEESH!!  I finally completed the assignment, only to realize that my Internet was out, and I was unable to post it on time, which means that I will lose 3 points on my grade for the post being late.

On top of this, I have had over four hours of in-class time, and have a pretty big two-part assignment due on Saturday.  I also have an assessment, which is basically a short quiz (or I hope it’s short anyway) that need to be completed by Saturday as well.  Needless to say, I was not really prepared for this shift in difficulty levels of my classes.  I actually had two classes for the last Module, and felt pretty good about the time management of my projects, tests, and posts.  The first week of a new class is always a little rougher, though, because that’s when you get to know what your expectations are from a new instructor, and you have to really reorganize your methods sometimes to accommodate.

Anyway…..I have been planning to start my flash fiction story soon, but was waiting until this first week wore off a little bit, and I was in a better groove with my studying, and school work.  I also have the school newspaper to write for this month, which takes precedence over my personal writing.  Hopefully, things will even out for me by Saturday, and I can post some interesting things that people will actually WANT to read lol.  Thanks to those of you who are reading, though!! I appreciate your patience as I wade through the week, and I promise that my efforts will be back here with you guys within a few days!!




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