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My Beautiful Best Friend-Scratch that, SISTER…

Sarah-Typography Portait This is another typography portrait of my best friend Sarah. She is more like a sister to me, than a friend.  The entire portrait is made using only her name written over and over.  She took this on the beach, and I wanted to capture her just like this.  This is actually one of my favorite projects.



This is SuperUvvy (pronounced SUPER-UHVEE). My son came up with the idea based on a stuffed monkey he has had since he was an infant. When he was little, he had trouble saying the word “lovey”, and that is where “Uvvy” came from.  He named his monkey “Uvvy Monkey”, and to this day has this monkey.  I had to do this project for a class in school.  The assignment was to create, and draw (in Adobe Illustrator) a super hero.  So my son, and I came up with this.  His weapon is a bananaray gun to shoot his enemies.  Keep in mind that my son is only 10, but I liked the idea enough to use it for class, and I did get an “A”, so I am certainly NOT complaining.  Still, this is one of my very early digital art works, so there are still several errors, and places where I need to improve.  For this assignment, we were only allowed to use the Pen Tool, and Shape Tools in the program, and I have to admit, those constraints did hinder my development more than I realized that they would.  This is mainly because the Pen Tool and I are not the best of friends, yet.

New Year

     The holidays are finally over, and a new year has begun.  With the new year comes new hopes, new dreams, and new goals for everyone.  For me, this month marks one full year that I have completed courses towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.  So far, I have maintained a 3.98 GPA, and have secured my spot on the President’s list honor roll every quarter.  My original goal was to keep a 4.0 GPA, however, working at a busy seasonal store, and ending up with 2 very difficult classes during the summer earned me an A-, and dropped my GPA to the 3.98 .  😦   Of course, I was devastated at the drop, but I also am trying to remind myself that it is still a very high GPA, and one not many people could accomplish. 

  I think maybe returning to my original art of preference, which is writing, may be one of my resolutions for this year.  When I was younger, I wrote all the time.  For the past few years, I have focused more on art than creative writing, and not only am I beginning to miss it, but I have also lately been bombarded with ideas for stories that I would like to begin.  I thought maybe I could begin a blog on this site, and set a goal to write at least once a week.  Maybe I can get in more than that, but if not, I will be satisfied with that. 

     I can also post my progress with my projects in school as I complete them.  This could give me a wonderful outlet for both my art, and my writing.  Digital art is new to me.  I was strictly traditional before I started school.  I liked to sketch, draw, and even paint.  Honestly, I didn’t have the first clue as to how to use the software for digital artwork.  Now that I am starting to learn, I am ever more hopeful about my future.  I would like to share my journey with others, and maybe they will be inspired to go after their dreams as well. 

     I wasn’t sure exactly how I would begin my blog, but this seems like as good a way as any.  I look forward to sharing poetry, art, stories, and thoughts with everyone throughout the year, and hope that maybe, as I do, I will even make some new friendships.  Happy New Year, everyone!