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My Beautiful Best Friend-Scratch that, SISTER…

Sarah-Typography Portait This is another typography portrait of my best friend Sarah. She is more like a sister to me, than a friend.  The entire portrait is made using only her name written over and over.  She took this on the beach, and I wanted to capture her just like this.  This is actually one of my favorite projects.



Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

This is a poster I created for a project in one of my classes. It uses some techniques layering one photograph over another, and the point was to send a message about something. This was something really close to home for me, hope you guys like it.


Gia~A Portrait in Type

Gia~A Portrait in Type

This is a typography portrait of Angelina Jolie from the movie, “Gia”. This was done using only the words in some of the quotes from the movie. It was one of my favorite beginner projects, and I did it around August, when I first started learning how to navigate the Adobe Creative software.


My Son in Manga

My Son in Manga

I drew this in Photoshop based on a sketch I had drawn previously of my son, Andrew, as a Manga character. I said that I would post some of my older digital work, and this is one of the first few that I actually drew on my own using Photoshop.